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Are you worried about memory loss? Do you seem to be misplacing things and forgetting things a little bit more than before? The truth is, memory loss has been undeniably linked to aging and all that's been happening to you recently might just be the natural course of events our bodies go through as they age. Of course this may not be the case as there are other more severe causes of memory loss.

If you think that your memory problems extend further than those associated with aging, then you should consult your physician. If you need to see what qualifies as extending beyond natural memory loss, don't worry because that's why we're here. At this site, you'll find out about the different causes and symptoms of memory loss and whether you are suffering from them.

Learn about the different types of memory as well as the different types of memory loss. Memory loss problems usually affect the Short Term Memory first, but what exactly is short term memory and how does it differ from Long Term Memory? Are your memory problems just symptoms of Acute Memory Loss associated with aging or are they serious problems like Alzheimer's disease? Find out the answers to these memory loss questions and more at

Here at, you'll find information on Improving Memory, Memory Tests, Memory Loss Causes, the relationship between Alcohol and Memory Loss, Sudden Memory Loss, and much, much more.

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For another excellent source of information about memory loss, you can also check out the Wikipedia page on memory loss.

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